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Discover Croatia with a Native's Heart

Meet Andreas

A man with a friendly smile waves to the camera, standing in front of a lush waterfall. He wears a casual black t-shirt and sports a short beard and trimmed hair, exuding a sense of joy and adventure in a natural, scenic setting

Born in Linz, Austria in 1988, Andreas has a heritage deeply rooted in Croatian culture. Both of his parents are native Croatians, and his relocation to Croatia during his childhood allowed him to develop a profound connection with the country’s landscapes and rich cultural tapestry.

Croatia is more than a place of residence for Andreas, it is an integral part of his identity. His early personal exploration of his heritage evolved into a dedicated mission: to share the beauty and stories of Croatia with adventurers and explorers from all over the world.

With Andreas, guests are invited to experience Croatia through the eyes of someone who truly calls it home.

Your Go-To Guide Since 2011

From Passion to Profession

A view looking up a narrow stone staircase within a tunnel-like passageway, with sunlight filtering through the exit at the top, illuminating the textured walls and worn steps, indicative of an old, historical structure.

What began as a hobby for Andreas has blossomed into a full-time passion. Since 2011, he's been the go-to guide for unforgettable journeys through Sibenik and its surroundings.

Andreas' tours go beyond just navigating the well-trodden paths of Sibenik's old town or the beaten trails of Krka National Park.

Each tour with Andreas is an adventure in itself, where laughter, learning, and creating lasting memories are part of the journey through Sibenik and its breathtaking surroundings.

Where Every Adventure is Tailored and Memorable

A Companion, A Friend

Perspective view from the ground of a weathered stone gutter with inscriptions, leading to a carved hole in the pavement of a narrow alley with colorful buildings and a clear sky above.

Andreas stands out for his ability to connect with people and his knack for infusing each tour with warmth and wit.

His expertise isn't just in the places he shows but in how he adapts each journey to suit the rhythm and interests of his guests.

The experiences he offers go beyond standard tours, they're personalized escapades filled with discoveries, smiles, and stories that linger long after the journey ends.

Our Compass

Close-up view of sculptural details on st. James cathedral's facade featuring carved figures and ornamental stone work, under clear blue skies.

Vision: To Be Your Window to a True Croatian Adventure

We envision 'Tours with Andreas' as more than a tours service, we see it as a gateway to discovering the unexplored and experiencing the genuine spirit of Croatia. Our vision is to become the go-to guide for travelers seeking not only to visit but to understand, appreciate, and fall in love with Croatia's unique heritage, natural beauty, and vibrant culture.

Mission: Crafting Authentic Croatian Experiences

Our mission is to provide immersive and authentic travel experiences in Croatia. We aim to connect our guests with the heart and soul of the Dalmatian coast, offering not just a tour, but a journey into the life, culture, and hidden treasures of this beautiful region. We are committed to responsible tourism that respects both the environment and local communities, ensuring a sustainable and enriching adventure for every traveler.

Goal: Making Every Trip with Us the Highlight of Your Croatian Vacation

We are all about making your time in Croatia unforgettable. We're not just showing you around, we are taking you on a real adventure. Think of it like hanging out with a friend who can't wait to show you all the cool spots, from the amazing Krka National Park to the charming streets of Sibenik. We are here to make sure you go home with stories you’ll love to share.